Mié. Nov 29th, 2023

During the past night, strange lights were reported in the sky of -Controlcity-, specifically in the distro7. Also according to eyewitnesses, it was observed from route xp39 that late at night they went to their apartments after participating in a large illegal party and that on the occasion of the celebration of the “Venusian spring”, it was held near there.
As a result of the crossing when passing through the mentioned area, they directly sighted the silhouette of three astronauts wearing spacesuits or something similar, at the top of the Sector12 hill, near the spaceship scrap yards.
Likewise and according to one of the witnesses (who seemed quite Hebrew … at the time the patrols arrived), they observed how one of them made threatening gestures with his arms and hands forward, I echo that immediately afterwards it became concrete in intense headaches that everyone began to suffer inexplicably.
This phenomenon forced them to retreat down the hill with their other friends where they chose to wait for help; When the patrol alerted by drones arrived in the area, the strange visitors had already disappeared, however, and through the infrared camera that one of the witnesses had activated in his suit, an image of the event was obtained.


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