The Arcadians colony & the Theatre Company
Scene 1

On a distant Exoplanet, an intelligent city is governed by a central computer, which does not know the origin of its existence or why it the reason it should be there!

The arrival

1 – While mankind on earth understood that the universe was given to him as a gift from nature, he set out in search of the resources provided by the infinite space.

2 –  In one of the many trips to the MARTIAN colony, one of the space cruisers, carrying a “theater company, a team of archaeologists, as well as other technicians and military personnel”, suffers an accident caused by a great solar storm that makes it disappear in a timeless vortex, totally unknown to the members of the expedition.

3 – When they thought they had the ship without control or oxygen and everything seemed lost, they appear without explanation at the other end of the Milky Way, close to the orbit of exoplanet X. 

4 – There they can land thanks to the control of an unknown entity, “the computer of the Central City”, which covers and obsessively controls everything, supplying its inhabitants with everything necessary for subsistence, both human and of any species.

5 – “Since our confusion about what happened, we knew something strange was going on, we felt their presence everywhere, it was like their eyes were on us all the time and although we were grateful to be demure, their actions were disturbing!

To be continued…


She -the city-, is everywhere, it is not possible to escape her influence, ...and maybe that is not a good reason for our existence?

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