Mié. Nov 29th, 2023

On the beach of cubes, bathers find a giant squid of biblical dimensions,… during the last hours the air force forces after a long battle …

The windsurfers who usually come to the area were the first to observe how the animal prowled the shores of “The beach of cubes” and was the first to alert the other bathers. Immediately and through the cubes, the eviction of the spa area was communicated and the first robot air patrols were sent in the motor fly.
Given the size of the beast, a missile naval patrol was sent which, with the help of the Flypatrols from the air and by means of annoying sonic cannons (but harmless), managed to drive away from the bug. According to scientific radar analysis, this fact, which is not the first, could be related to nuclear contamination in the sea, from Asian power plants at the end of the 20th century.
The defense center of “Controlcity” by means of the permission of the Ankora mk3 computer, informed that the submarine “Ventura” will be assigned to patrol the area at great depth.

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