Noticias del futuro

On the beach of the cubes, bathers find ...

On the beach of the cubes, bathers find a giant squid of biblical dimensions, during the last hours the air force forces after a long battle ...

After chasing him with rings of sound, the animal was able to move along the coast, returning him to the depths of the ocean hornet.

Strange visitors today, in Controlcity

During the past night, strange lights were reported in the sky of -Controlcity-, specifically in the distro7. Also, according to witnesses, it was observed from the xp39 route by some witnesses that at that late hour of the night they came to their apartments after participating in a large illegal party and that on the occasion of the celebration of the “Venusian spring”, it was held near there . The silhouette of...

car in the desert2

A car inexplicably crashes on the desert road ...

Yesterday and under the autonomous legal driving of his ZZ45 vehicle he crashed on a road departure without physical consequences for its occupant Since the car itself activates the plastic emergency measures against collision.

A Neptuno class submarine on patrol mission

The defense center of "Controlcity" by means of the permission of the Ankora mk3 computer, informed that the submarine "Ventura" will be assigned to patrol the area at great depth.

The city ratifies its support for the Asimov robot law

The plenary session of the city government renews its indissoluble support for the Assimovc law as the only means of guaranteeing human and robotic peace.

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Mariner 23 arrives

From outer space, missions arrive from Ganymede after founding new colony cities on habitable exoplanets, bringing minerals and species to earth.

This is the new magnetic album from @I-zz top

This is the new magnetic album from Ubuntu @ l-zz top. The lyrics of the single exclusively… .and the cover of the magnetic robot album.

Gravity 0 in the Astro-port of "controlcty"

Three factors intervene in the perception of people when perceiving and building our environment, the space-time factor and the unavoidable condition of gravity of our planet that conditions the weight and force necessary to overcome this gravity. In this illustration gravity and weight are not determinant; perhaps future societies will be able to overcome (by means of new technologies) these factors when building completely dystopian cities today, since we are still conditioned.

Telepata on top of the "Controlcity" tower.

Today I invite you to read Philip K Dick, writer from USA and that in his novel "Solar Lottery" (written in the last 20th century) he supported me to make this illustration.

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