Arcadians colony magazine

On a regular trip from Earth to Mars, a large ship is diverted from its trajectory by a solar storm that drags it into a space-time vortex, which in turn puts it in danger of total destruction if not for the tractor action. from the planet Creek and the Akora Mk3 computer, from the other side of the vortex that opens and closes without apparent logic and capturing the ships in danger that arrive from other distant and different worlds.

Arriving to the citadel, Arcadians colony

In a world where the stars whisper,
Under a neon sky that curves and spills,
beings of light, metal and dreams walk,
in search of answers, in search of owners.
His sparkling eyes reflect the cosmos,
a universe of wonders and amazements.
They sail among the stars, in crystal ships,
exploring the limits of the real and the unreal.
In every corner of space, they find wonders,
from planets of fire to moons of glitter.
They immerse themselves in the darkness, without fear of the unknown,
because your destiny is to explore, with courage and meaning.
So, in this universe of fantasy and science,
The explorers travel, in an eternal diligence.
They look for answers in the stars, in each constellation,
on an endless journey, towards the last frontier, towards inspiration.
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