Introduction cuantica

Arriving to the Cuantica citadel

“Citadel is a cybernetic citadel connected to the central computer that governs it with an iron fist, Ankora MK2. The citadel is inhabited by a considerable density of population that arrived by accident from all parts of the universe and in its double solar planetary system is the “planet Creek” that houses it. Near the planet an unknown space-time vortex occurs every so often, bringing with it ships and shipwrecks from all parts of the galaxy. The planet that houses the colony gives shelter to an unsuspected price: “the dreams of its inhabitants”. “Citadel, the cybernetic entity, does not know its origin or who created it, only orders pre-installed in its brain: “to protect non-wild beings and bits of intelligence and to destroy with its incredible technology everything that endangers the species and life in the citadel”. In a timeless and empty stage, the conditions are created for a society where suffering is ruled out, and happiness is based on the balance of the loss of freedom. Belonging to the colony connected to the central computer will provide the security of not suffering the misfortunes of the unknown universe. Welcome to Arcadians Colony!

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