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Arcadians colony MAGAZIN nº 1 (in Spanish languish).

Episode 1 WEBTOON released on tapas.io on April 7-22 !!

Arriving to the citadel control - Majestic dragon - S.O.S- Abduction-Inside the dream

On one of the many trips to the planet Mars from Earth, travel an Archaeologist Siri Morell, the military crew of the ship composed of Captain Nátan, his robot pilot Droi, 22, and a theater group formed by four artists, Arduina, Zury Darel, Sincro and Sebas who travel to the Martian colony with the assignment to offer a show.

An incident caused by a solar storm makes the ship disappear engulfed by a “space-time vortex” and appears without explanation near a strange planet in a distant galaxy. There, a cybernetic entity that claims to be called Ankora MK3 governs the “Citadel of Arcadians colony” and welcomes as a refugee camp all kinds of beings that appear at the end of the vortex adjacent to its Planet CREEK.


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Episode 5/May Released

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