¡Welcome to Arcadians colony!

Welcome to all those who enjoy fantasy as a way to find recreation in a world as dystopian as the one we live in, without a doubt I affirm that it is fantasy and reverie, what many human beings who inhabited and inhabit these lands ( and perhaps other planets as well) helps us cope with the overrated burden of reality that we will all be subjected to at least during our existence in this world! Carlos A. Villanueva If what we have arrived at is what is often stated: "Reality surpasses fiction", in this case it will be the other way around, because like the mirror of "Alicia", the visual story is captured in flashes of invented realities, projecting what is supposed to perhaps come. Therefore, let no one be mistaken, this is not the usual reality, nor is it a truth, just fantasy stim-punk,… nano-punk or whatever style it is. Enjoy it, if you dig!
Carlos A. Villanueva

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