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Dictionary of images

What is "Arcadians colony" ?:
In today's reality, it is just the name that shapes the website that contains a series of interpretations based on science fiction, fantasy, surrealism, and futurism, different styles and shapes that I agreed on in my illustrations using all kinds of digital methods or analog.




And in fiction ?: it is the place or literary space where the stories of those images are developed and shown, the transition from fantasy to reality will be on behalf of the viewer.
Carlos Villanueva
Where is that space?: ARCADIANS COLONY is a multipurpose metaphysical and polycultural citadel concept, it encompasses an entire planet, an emotional-mental state, or Mother Earth itself. All kinds of beings live in it, droids, cyborgs, aliens, fairies, angels, wild dresses, and of course humans, the universal fauna poses for infinity.
Robot w11
What is the "Halo-Sky"?: It is the place that every human being of the future will want to reach, - the total emotional balance - a kind of "super-yoga control" where you can atone for all the fears and innate selfishness of humanity. A Resort of the soul where you can be on vacation without prejudice to lose yourself being another, any Sunday at a barbecue or at the attraction park of Arcadians, the prize is happiness!
Who is Ankora Mk3-Orion?: It is the central computer that resides and decides on the functions of the diversity saw and the services of the Arcadians of the city state “Controlcity-governnor state”; she governs herself by the "4 laws of Asimov robotics" and ensures that all robots on the planet also comply with them. Humans take turns controlling and changing the economic and social laws that political groups obtain, through parliamentary elections.

What is “The legendary planet Alpha”?: 

"The legendary planet Alpha was an inhabited and extinct planet in the constellation of Centaurus. Its name: Alpha Centauri b of the second belt of the great milky way, its destiny was extinction like almost all celestial bodies that reach the end of their existence when their sun, a red dwarf that gave it its material life, goes out, thus becoming part of the black hole that engulfed everything when the star contracted completely.
Planet Creek

Planet Creek

It is a metaverse exo-planet composed of metaphysical virtual matter, with the property of being able to convert the inert space into a habitable and reproducible place at almost any scale of form and matter; the "entity" can create through a desire, dream or need of a living being based on carbon 14, everything necessary to survive.

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