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Carlos is the creator of Arcadians colony and the driving force behind the project since he created it in 2005. He works full time on creating new artwork and writing. Fan mail is always appreciated but please be aware that he is very irregular about checking and responding to his messages.


The now editorialist of “Arcadians colony, News of the future”, the illustrator Carlos A. Villanueva, was a former collaborator of emblematic magazines, in Spain and Argentina, such as Year Zero, Next Millennium, Enigmas, Beyond, Magic World, Auge etc. All of them circumscribed in the field of parapsychology, UFO sightings, science fiction, mystery, legends, and the occult. They had their heyday in the publishing world in the last years of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, occupying the interest of wide sectors of the public, highlighting in text and image everything that remains in mystery and science is not yet capable. to clarify

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